Common Past – Common Routes – Common Future

The idea of a route involves social, cultural and economic aspects of human life. The route interpreted as the pursuit of humankind to develope propels social life, thus causing the flourishing of cities, regions, cultures and knowledge. This has led to the emergence of European cultural routes, which are a sign of a time change and simultaneously they transform the space through which they pass.

On the backbone of cultural routes, we are building the necessary bridges of understanding and transnational values, ideas, culture and identity for the future of Europe.

The idea of establishing the Found was born thanks to the efforts of blessed memory Krystyna Maria Możdżeń aimed at propagating cultural routes linking people and regions over national borders, breaking barriers and prejudices in people’s minds. Thanks to these efforts, travelling together along the paths of life is, and will always be, easier, more pleasant and more interesting.

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Zbigniew Możdżeń
Administrative Board Chairman

Miron Możdżeń
Board Member

Seweryn Możdżeń
Fund’s Board Chairman

+48 791 86 75 99
Cultural Routes Fund Team

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Zbigniew Możdżeń – graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University affiliate in Rzeszów. President of the Cultural Routes Fund, who for over 20 years has been involved in initiating and promoting cultural routes and raising funds for their creation. Creator or co-creator of many projects, e.g. “Route of Integral Renovation of Human Being – Via Reginae”, “Via Reginae”, “On the merchant track”, “VIA Regia – Kulturstraße des Europarates”. Author of publications “Der kaufmännische Weg”, “A common past – a common road – a common future”. Long-time civic activist and Councillor of the Town Council of Jarosław in its 3rd and 4th term. Professionally, he is Chairman of the Board of the Municipal Enterprise “Eko-Strug” Sp. z o.o. and the Social Enterprise “Eko-Strug Bis” sp. z o.o. Interested in the history of economic relations, international cooperation, integration activities. He lives in Jarosław.

Miron Możdżeń – solicitor, graduate of the law at the Jagiellonian University. Co-founder of the Cultural Routes Fund. Professionally related to the activity of local self-government – employed in the Town Hall of Jarosław. For several years, he has been involved in raising external funds, mainly from the European Union. Co-founder of the project “Route of Integral Renovation of Human Being – Via Reginae”. Privately, interested in cultural routes and social and environmental psychology. Lives in Jarosław.

Seweryn Możdżeń – a law graduate from the Jagiellonian University, IT specialist – programmer, also designs websites. At the Cultural Routes Foundation, he serves as Chairman of the Foundation’s Council. He has been involved in the subject of cultural routes for several years. He participated in the Via Regia conference in Erfurt in 2004 and in the Via Regia – Merchants’ Route conference in Jarosław in 2007. Previously, he was involved in youth organisations. As the initiator of the creation of the Youth Council of the City of Jarosław, he was honoured with the title “Meritorious for the Youth Council of the City of Jarosław”. Privately, he is interested in cultural routes and psychology and management. Lives in Jarosław.