The main goal is to build a European branded tourism product, the European Cultural Route Via Jagiellonica – in the cross-border regions of Central Europe as a pilot project for all other countries, regions based on material and intangible heritage of the Jagiellonian dynasty. the basic message of the project is the “Via Jagiellonica” brand as a new tool for promotion, international cooperation, integration of nations, countries, cities and regions.

Specific objectives::

  • Strengthening the sense of European universality, unity of countries and regions and at the same time emphasizing their diversity and uniqueness, especially in the sphere of tradition and culture,
  • Searching for traces of material and intangible heritage of the Jagiellonian dynasty, precise registration and evaluation of cultural and touristic potential along the Via Jagiellonica Cultural and Tourist Route in the project areas,
  • Development of tourist routes along previously defined tourist anchorages,
  • Effective use of the potential of tourist values associated with the Via Jagiellonica Cultural Route, while maintaining the principles of sustainable development,
  • Creation of an international brand of the European Cultural Route Via Jagiellonica, associated with such benefits as: diversified tourist offer, possibility to get to know cultures, nationalities, history, high quality of services, identity of sponsoring elements,
  • Analysis of the image of regions (and countries) along the European Cultural Route Via Jagiellonica as the basis for product development strategy and its market introduction according to the demand for it,
  • Activation of local communities around the idea of building the Route,
  • to establish a network of links for building and developing the Route,
  • dissemination of good implementation: transfer of best practice from previous projects to the EU and international cooperation on thematic routes,
  • Implementation of new communication and information technologies on the Route,
  • Development of tourist products using communication and social media possibilities